"Sewalamban Welfare Society"

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”


“In our good old days, the children used to adore their parents and look after them with love and reverence. But in present days, most of the old people, when they become non earning members of the family or sick or really invalid are neglected and sometimes thrown out of their houses even. They become burden to their own children who forget about the good things and sacrifices of their parents towards bringing them up and settling them in their life. Nobody is bothered to know what these old people actually require in the eves of their lives. Apart from the basic needs like shelter, food etc. It is the love, affection, and a few words of caress that these people expect from their children, which are totally lacking in most of the families whether rich or poor in our modern society. Mainly due to the influence of external forces on our way of living and thinking and also due to internal family politics, loosening of the family ties has become inevitable in our modern society. The brunt of the situation is faced by the old people who come from low and medium socio-economic status. Therefore, Old Age Homes are not a fancy but the dire necessities in our modern and society, at present and more so in future. Keeping all this in mind our Sewalamban Welfare Society” has been working for last 10+ years in a rural area for helping senior citizens who are unable to stay with their families or are destitute & unskilled women. Now, we want to set up Vriddashram for older people who have nowhere to go and no one to support them. In Vriddashram elders will be provided with food, shelter and care that they need, with dignity. The aims & objectives are........

  • To provide a peaceful and congenial environment for like minded individuals who may share mutual interests.
  • Arrange for and provide living space where the elderly may live independent of their children.
  • Establish patterns of a healthy routine for the residents to include yoga, talks by Guest Speakers,Meditation, cheerful celebration of festivals with sobriety.
  • Conduct internship for child volunteers from nearby school to nurture the precious bond between the Young & Old.
  • All the Services provided by us are free of cost.
Support a child Development Center for the underprivileged children with voluntary involvement of elders.

Dignity for Aged

A unique feature of the Old Age & Day Care Home will be a day activity center for the aged where they will seek fresh energy through yoga & spiritual discourses, with medical camps at regular intervals. It will also provide aged citizens an opportunity to serve by involving them meaningfully in the care of children and teenagers. A full floor has been reserved to house about twenty senior citizens who will share their love with children and compassion with each other and live a life of dignity.


Being an integrated and well-knitted senior citizens home, we will provide the following excellent facilities
  • Expert doctors / Nurses and Supervisors
  • Reputed retired army physiotherapist blessed with service orientation, spiritual feelings & firm commitment towards duty .
  • Bedside attender (male / female) / Ambulance .
  • Physiotherapy, nature cure and health club facilities
  • Pharmacy / Diagnostics /basic Medical equipment,
  • Fully secured
  • 24 hours power supply
  • Our facilities will ensure that senior citizens feel at home and comfortable to modern pace of life & infuse them with an inbuilt strength mechanism to lead a happy and peaceful life is the evening of their Human Life Span

    Admission criteria of inmates

    Any person is 60 years and above, Destitute, Helpless, Mentally and Physically Sick can be admitted on priority basis.

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